Reading, writing, speaking and listening are vital skills for communicating and developing ideas. Students are given the best possible advantage through a diverse approach to study that incorporates a wide array of text types incorporating traditional literature as well as modern, digital texts and media. The English program at Fitzroy North Primary School ensures that our students become critical thinkers, aware not only of the meaning of the words that they read and write, but also of the subtext and potential bias. Why an author chooses the words they do is as important as what the words are.

Students publish their own works on numerous levels, from sharing with classmates through to posting on blogs that allow them to reach a global audience. By creating as well as consuming meaningful and authentic literature, they develop their appreciation and understanding of language.



Mathematics is a priority at Fitzroy North Primary School. We provide a rich, authentic and engaging program program with a focus on applying Maths to real life situations. We connect our use of mathematics with the wider understandings formed through our integrated studies, giving both meaning and context to the mathematical decisions we make.

Through Mathematics students make sense of the world around us. We work to understand and implement calculations, to reason and to solve problems. At FNPS we support learning in the field of Mathematics through a range of strategies and materials, including hands-on manipulatives, games and Digital Technologies.


Digital Technologies

digital technology

At Fitzroy North Primary School, Digital Technologies enhance teaching and learning and promote creativity in a safe and supported space. 

Our CONNECT program provides new pathways between school, home and the community. Our students are contributing digital citizens with access to a world of new learning. 

The school is investing in digital technologies infrastructure. Students experience a range of digital technologies as they progress through their schooling, providing them with the skills, and understanding to contribute in an increasingly digital world.

Students can self-direct and extend their learning within and beyond the walls of the classroom. CONNECT gives students access to a world of new learning opportunities. CONNECT allows exploration, collaborating and creation spaces for students to work together, in class or at home. 



At Fitzroy North Primary School, creativity is at the core of how we learn. When students undertake projects to answer questions, or solve problems that they had not previously considered, they do so with the expectation that they will generate their own understanding, creating knowledge that is ‘new’ for them. This means learning is not only highly personal and relevant, but also authentic and meaningful for the individual.

Our approach to creativity is underpinned by three main ideas. One is the need for our environment to both stimulate and support learning. We are continually changing, and improving, the surroundings; providing spaces that best facilitate collaboration and enquiry.

Another important part of our approach is the chance for students to be ‘hands on’, either by using materials and tools to build, or by having the opportunity to trial ideas and receive feedback from an appropriate audience. Through technology, we are able to expand our horizons beyond the classroom and communicate on a global level.

The third step is providing students with the chance to role-play: to assume the point of view of others, building empathy and understanding. We also encourage students to take on the mantle of experts, to help coach their peers and share their knowledge. By creating these networks, and increasing understanding, our students are well placed to be active global citizens.



The music program at Fitzroy North Primary School is an incredibly rich, exciting and stimulating program that embraces composition, creativity, participation, technology and fun. During classes, students are introduced to a huge range of concepts and genres to allow for as many different learning styles as possible. These include soundscapes, movie soundtracks, abstract compositions, recording techniques, traditional notation, rap and hip hop and contemporary music as well as the fundamentals; pitch, rhythm, texture and melody. The program is designed to empower the students with a belief in their ability to compose, perform and present to their peers and the wider school community.



Arts education at Fitzroy North Primary School is lead by specialist staff and regularly integrated within the classroom. Students are exposed to a vast array of different art forms and media from different cultures, incorporating their traditions and symbols. By learning to connect and empathise with people through art, our students also learn to challenge perceptions and stereotypes; to respect difference and to value their own culture.

Through engagement in the school’s Art program, students not only develop their appreciation and mastery of the subject, but also their social, communication, team work and self-expression skills. The program advances the higher order skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation, as well as critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills, all of which are vital for preparing students for an unknowable future.




Quality research, and educational experience, shows that a child’s ability to learn new skills can be increased by the process of learning a new language. In addition to this cognitive advantage, the language programs at Fitzroy North Primary School also provide students with a host of social and cultural benefits, as they learn not just the words spoken, but also about the lives of people and the places they live in around the world.

At Fitzroy North Primary School, we offer the choice of two timetabled language classes; either Mandarin or Italian. These allow the school to maintain traditional links with an immigrant community dating back over 100 years, whilst also looking to the future and Australia’s ability to interact with the Asia-Pacific region in the 21st century.



At Fitzroy North Primary School we develop an interest in science as a means of expanding students’ curiosity and willingness to explore, ask questions about and speculate on the changing world in which they live.

Through designing and conducting experiments and using scientific terms and language, our students acquire the ability to communicate scientific understanding and findings to a range of audiences, and justify their ideas on the basis of evidence. 




Students participate in a wide variety of fun and engaging Physical Education activities throughout their time at Fitzroy North Primary School.  In the early years, students develop their motor skills and practise running, throwing, catching, leaping, ball bouncing, hopping and vertical jumping. The Foundation level students also participate in the PMP program and an intensive swimming course through KLIM Swim.

In the upper primary years, students undertake mainstream games such as basketball, cricket, football, soccer, netball, hockey and tennis. The school hosts many sports clinics from specialist agencies throughout the year, as well as organising our own swimming carnival, interschool sport, bike education, Hoop Time, athletics carnival and cross country race. Through participation in the diverse sports program, students have the opportunity to go on to compete at higher levels, with the school being proud to have produced a number of elite athletes.



The humanities are central to many of the Rich Learning Projects undertaken by students at Fitzroy North Primary School. By examining the complex processes that have shaped the modern world and investigating responses to different challenges, students learn how we are connected to each other, and our environment. Students learn about Australia, and are encouraged to contribute as active, informed and responsible citizens.

By exploring the processes that shape different societies and cultures, and evaluating the ways in which people overcome challenges, students learn how to pose and solve problems. The students at Fitzroy North Primary School are therefore particularly well equipped to become independent decision-makers, able to direct their own learning and make good choices for their benefit, and for the benefit of society.