Fundraising can be a fabulous experience, giving  you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing, meet other parents and feel great satisfaction at a job well done by you and your team! We are revamping the way we ask the parent community to be involved in fundraising efforts at the school and, to that end, we have set up an online roster so you can choose how you want to be involved and the time commitment you can contribute.

  • Signing up isn't a commitment, it's being open to having a conversation about how you want to get involved.
  • Choose to commit to the time that suits you
  • You can get involved in a big way or small


ONE PARENT'S STORY =======================
Andrea Kirby is an active member of our parent community, contributing as a member of our School Council as well as being heavily involved in fundraising efforts at the school. Andrea has shared her story of how volunteering at the school has changed her life for the better and hopes her experience will encourage everyone to get involved in whatever way they can.
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