Fitzroy North Primary School takes pride in a sense of Tradition and Innovation.

A rich and diverse approach to teaching and learning promotes higher-order thinking and creative problem solving. Students benefit from the traditions of positive relationships, links to the community, and recognised excellence across the academic curriculum, as well as in the fields of the arts, sports and technology.

The school’s position as a leader in education can be seen in the students’ confidence and ability to shape their own learning. Teachers facilitate authentic and meaningful connections between students and the world around them, using the technology available to bring the outside world in, and our students’ ideas to the world.

Teaching and learning at Fitzroy North Primary School is underpinned by three core values; Respect, Resilience, and Kindness. Teachers and students alike value each others’ time, opinions and identities. A growth mindset means that it is understood that everyone wants to help each other to reach their potential. Challenges are accepted, risks are taken, individuals are empowered.