2019 School Council Elections

It’s that time of year again - nominations are open for the 2019 School Council – a great chance to get involved and help ensure the School continues to thrive.

The election process

A notice went out this week calling for Council nominations. Of the eight elected members of Council from the parent cohort, there are four positions elected each year, for a two-year term.

First, you must nominate yourself (or someone else can nominate you, if you’re happy for them to do so) by 4pm on Wednesday 7 March (that’s next week). Nomination forms are available from the School office, and must be submitted to the office.

The election then runs up to 21st March, when ballots close. If four or fewer nominations are received, then those people will be elected automatically.

Putting your hand up to be nominated doesn’t mean you need to run a campaign (but you can if you want to!). The ballot papers will include a short statement from all candidates, outlining who you are, and what you would like to contribute. There is no need to do anything more than that.

What does School Council do?

The School Council has a key role in supporting the Principal and assisting in the effective governance of the school. There are a range of specific functions of the Council, along with its general responsibilities around setting strategy and governance. The Council has 8-10 meetings annually (usually one a month during term), and operates with a range of sub-committees where much of the work is done.

Committees cover:

  • School infrastructure: planning for and management of works improving our buildings, classrooms and playground, as well as our IT infrastructure

  • Fete & fundraising: managing of all fundraising activities, a key area you’ll hear more about soon, as we hope to develop some new fundraising initiatives this year and of course continue supporting the great work of the parent-run Fete Committee

  • Finance: oversight of the School’s finances

  • Policy: development of key policies defining the way our School operates

  • Community services: oversight of the canteen and OHSC

  • Junior School Council (JSC): working with the JSC

No special skills are required, other than a willingness to get involved. Being on School Council is a great way to make a contribution, learn more about how the School works, and meet people in the community.

To find out more, feel free to get in touch with School Council President Andrew Davies, or head to www.education.vic.gov.au and look for information on School Councils.