Anne Thorp


Anne is a passionate and energetic educator with over 30 years expertise. Her vast experience across a range of educational settings includes consultancy in New York and for the Western Region of Victoria.  Having worked both in State and Catholic primary schools, as a tutor at Melbourne University and in the adult education sector, she has a wealth of experience that translates into a commitment to provide students with a safe and nurturing environment where they can be their best selves. Anne fosters the links between school, parents and the broader community to work together to nurture our most precious resource, our children.  She is a highly motivated leader who fosters teaching excellence and a love of learning. Anne believes in a sense of tradition where respect and kindness are paramount and innovation encouraged.


Linda Ratcliffe

Assistant Principal Wellbeing Coordinator

Linda Ratcliffe (Assistant Principal) has extensive experience as an educator, curriculum writer and facilitator.  She has a proven ability to build collaborative relationships within the school, and amongst the wider community. Linda believes strongly in building the capacity of all students to become fine global citizens. Students who are given the opportunity to develop their own voice have the ability to make a difference and interact successfully with those around them.  The school’s values of KINDNESS, RESILIENCE and RESPECT are ever present in Linda’s daily interactions with others.


Deborah Workman

Acting Assistant Principal

Debbie has comprehensive experience across a range of educational settings, with a specific focus on curriculum development and implementation. She fosters a learning environment that is based on research and best practice to ensure all students reach their full potential. Debbie builds strong relationships with staff, students, parents and the broader community to ensure optimum growth is achieved for every child. 


Lou Corso

Leading Teacher,
Buildings & Grounds

Lou has vast experience both as a classroom teacher and a PE specialist. Lou works closely with children from all year levels in his role with the Junior School Council, preparing our students to be community leaders now and in the future.


Rebecca Martin

Leading Teacher,
Digital Technologies Coach

Rebecca coordinates, sequences and integrates digital technologies across the curriculum and school levels. She has worked closely with Deakin University on the ‘Serious Play’ project, presenting her work at conferences around Australia. Rebecca’s teaching promotes collaboration and creativity to support literacy and numeracy in a fun and safe environment.