Welcome to Fitzroy North Primary School


Welcome to Fitzroy North Primary School

From our Principal

Welcome to the Fitzroy North Primary School Community.  Our school is located in inner city Melbourne opposite the Edinburgh Gardens with an enrolment of approximately 540 students.

Our school values underpin all that we say and do…


We embark upon this learning journey with a pledge to our students and parents, to provide engaging, meaningful and rigorous teaching and learning across our community, combined with special events and a plethora of extracurricular clubs and activities, performing arts groups, and sports events.

Our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel embrace lifelong learning and represent expertise in a variety of fields. We work collaboratively to provide our students with a range opportunities so that our learners reach their full potential.

We will continue to build upon and refine our proven foundation of good work, honoured traditions and innovations as we work towards excellence in education. 

We extend a special invitation to our families to join us at school activities and special events.  We value your involvement and support in your child’s education.

Please be assured that we highly value home/school communication here at Fitzroy North Primary School.  It is vital. It plays an integral role in each student’s success.  We encourage you to contact us if/when the need arises, and to stay in the know about your child’s studies, assignments, assessments, and school activities, as well as other events and happenings via grade level blogs.

Again, we welcome you to our wonderful learning community, a place alive with energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. 

from the Junior School Council

The Junior School Council (JSC) is a group of students who have been elected to represent their class and the school community throughout the year. The elected students participate in a series of meetings, bringing forward ideas and issues that their peers communicate to them. The information discussed is then put forward to the school council to make positive change within the school community. They also help organise and run fundraisers and represent the school at local events.

Our plans as the JSC this year is to focus on improving the environmental outcomes for our school. We are looking out for the wellbeing of the students at our school and showing Kindness, Resilience and Respect towards each other and the school community. We are looking forward to making our school a place closer to the community where everyone belongs and feels safe.
— Junior School Council Executives 2019

The Fitzroy North Primary School App

The Fitzroy North Primary School App

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