The wellbeing and engagement of students at Fitzroy North Primary School is vital to enhancing their educational experiences. Happy children, who feel respected as individuals, are more able to express themselves and take  responsibility for their learning. Knowing that they are working within a safe environment that is responsive to their needs allows students at our school to focus on what really matters; trying their hardest and being the best version of themselves.

KidsMatter program

At Fitzroy North Primary School we have adopted the KidsMatter framework: an Australian well-being initiative funded by the Australian Government in conjunction with beyondblue. A teacher cohort has undertaken extensive professional development as part of this initiative to ensure our students benefit from

  • creating positive school communities

  • teaching skills for good social and emotional development

  • working together with families

  • recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems.

Wellbeing Centre

Our newly refurbished Wellbeing Centre is a tranquil space where our Wellbeing Coordinator and other staff provide children with mindfulness and relaxation activities at lunchtime. It is also where small group sessions are held on everything from Friendship to Managing Stress.

For more information on our Wellbeing initiatives, please ask to speak to the Wellbeing Coordinator.


How to Build Resilience in Your Child.