Thank you for volunteering for the role of grade parent for your child’s class. 

Your willingness to contribute adds to the VIBRANCY


Fitzroy North Primary School.

As a Grade Parent, you are a valued member of our school community and your time and commitment are very much appreciated. The purpose of the Grade Parent is to help foster good communication in the school and to assist in the development of school community. It provides another means of uniting the school community and enhances the quality of relationships within the school between teachers, parents and the children.

Each class from Prep to Year 6 will have at least one Grade Parent.

The Grade Parents play a key role in linking the class teacher and the parents within their class group.

The Grade Parents seek support for school functions, fundraising activities and social events.

Grade Parents are communicators. They assist in reaching out to families and helping people get to know each other.  They provide support to classroom teachers, the school and broader community.  Grade Parents are organisers.  They delegate tasks to match the expertise and availability of other grade families.